World of Microsystems

The new multimedia CD-ROM introducing Microsystems
2nd extended Edition

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The CD operates on Windows and MacOS.


EUR 195.-

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Take a journey through the fascinating world of microsystems

Understand 27 typical fabrication processes
for microsystems

Discover microsystems through 10 selected
examples of commercially available products
with in-depth presentation of their functionality,
fabrication, application and economics

Have a look at the animated demo of the first edition (load flash player to see demo)

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Content in brief

After the success of the first edition of the CD-ROM «introduction to the World of Microsystems», a second edition has been realized including:

  • 250 illustrated description screens (revised and augmented)
  • over 70 animations with spoken comments (total 2 hours) (revised and augmented)
  • description of 10 industrial products (5 new products)
  • presentation of 8 key markets (new)
  • description of 27 microfabrication processes (revised and augmented)
  • glossary with over 150 entries (revised and augmented)
  • links to over 195 mentioned manufacturers and institutions (revised and augmented)
  • edition of slideshow sequences for presentations (new)
  • all in english, french and german languages (new)

ISBN 2-88238-004-6

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World of Microsystems